SINCE 1986

Specializes in die casting of zinc alloys and aluminum alloys

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Excellent die-casting products are favored by major domestic and foreign manufacturers

Sheng Chang has received ISO9001:2015 certification, and ISO14001 is promoting now

Sheng Ye Diecasting Industries Co., Ltd established in 2002,
and it has obtained ISO9001:2015 international certification, ISO14001:2015 quality management system certification, IATF 16949:2016 certification

Founded in 1986, SHENG CHANG METAL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD has decades of expertise in zinc-aluminum alloy die-casting, ranging from mold design to precision die-casting. We are also capable of integrating precision CNC machining and various surface treatment processes vertically. In addition, our team’s dedicated service attitude with excellent delivery, quality, we have become the most trusted die-casting partner of customers at home and abroad.

We possess innovative, high-quality technical capabilities, dedicated business personnel and technical personnel, who strive for perfection and have the ability to continuously develop new products.
In respect of expanding business around the world, we embrace the philosophy of“Customer First, Credit First, Quality First, Service First”.
Our die casting products are sold to Europe, the United States, and Japan and have won high approval.

about us


Products List

Operating items

Zinc alloys, Aluminum alloys, and precision die casting. We provide continental service-from mold design to die casting, and also have the ability to integrate various surface treatments, such as precision NC machining, secondary machining, including pressing, sandblasting, grinding, vibrating, chromating, electroplating, ED coating, painting/ coating, etc.

Production items

Communication accessories, motor shells, 3C series, pneumatic tools, auto parts, medical components, lawnmower shells, sanitary accessories, receiver shells, lighting accessories, etc.


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Producing high-quality die casting products, and inspecting strictly
Enthusiasm to advance the industry and serve customers


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